A story of the day when Buddha died.

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O n the last day of Buddha’s life, he was invited to dinner by a Smith (Cunda Kammāraputta).

And that meal became the reason for Buddha’s death.

The poverty-stricken smith didn’t have too many things to offer to Buddha. However, he collected some wild mushrooms grown in the woods during the rainy season.

With utmost dedication, the smith cooked the mushroom and offered Buddha to eat in a banana leaf. The meal was distasteful as poison but impressed by the substantial devotion of the Smith, Buddha ate it with affable delicacy.

He tried his best to veil the distaste of…

When do we go to the stars?

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Each one of us knows the reality of life. We learned it, saw it, and absorbed every fact like the sand absorbs water. Just like the wetness of sand is not felt on the surface, every human absorbs reality but lives with cultivated complacency.

Similar was the situation in my neighborhood when a senior figure passed away a few days ago. The death was sudden due to a heart attack. Soon, the funeral was done and the family returned to their homes, for other customary rituals performed in a typical Hindu family.

Waiting in the door was a 3-year-old child…

Written after losing both: hope, and the one to give it.

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How much pain can someone like us tolerate?

To my knowledge, an invisible thorn in the fingertip is unbearable. But that is just an illustration of physical torment.

Fear, anxiety, and psychological threat every moment; combined with incarceration and incarcerated life stripped naked of freedom and respect is absolutely on another level of torture.

And in the extreme end is the neverending wait for death which is approaching an inch every second. More painful is to die from the cruelty of non-rivals, to whom you have done nothing wrong. …

One important lesson this green bird has to teach you.

Call me a maniac, but I can say that you have never heard your own voice. If you think you have, when was the last time you did it? Your answer might be — a few seconds, or a minute ago. But I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard it yet.

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Let me explain a bit. I am not talking about the audible vibration ripping out of your larynx. Because even those who are speechless have their inner voice.

Your voice, is the reflection of your mindset, thoughts, and coherence.

An array of biochemical and muscular processes contribute to producing distinct…

The secret is to use the sword in your words.

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Having spent countless hours writing, I obeyed every piece of advice on the internet. I had a niche, stayed consistent in it, socialized, and spent in SEO optimization. But the stats barely shook.

In an attempt to settle the agony, I abandoned writing for months and stayed aloof. But with the heart of a writer, I could not keep away for long.

One day, while moving through a park, I had stepped into a wrong garden, just to read this quote. I took the photograph when the warden arrived with a roar. …

Technically, he knows more than farming

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In a distant village, a farmer grew heaps of corn every year. He was among the highest corn harvester in the region.

Praised for his hard work, he was rewarded every year for it. This continued for a few years, and hearsay of his consistency spread far and distant.

Attracted by the commend, one day a reporter approached him to learn about his secrets of success.

During the interview, the farmer detailed numerous strategies he implemented for his success in agriculture. He also added that he distributed his best-growing variety of seeds among other farmers in his village every year.

The point of no return

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Absolute black ahead, but no intention to return

When the black hole calls, begins only a one-way run

When a point is crossed, every atom in the body is crushed

The fire is on, know that you are at the point of no return

Nothing comes along when the time has gone beyond

No feelings, no heat only the naked soul and light of neon

The hole pulls it, deep into the darkness of immortality

All the energy of the world confined inside an absolute singularity

The soul commences acceleration in the high skies

The view of the earth still is the magnificent ball of lives

Ever do you wonder, how amusing would be the soul’s flight

Imagine the sunshine, how effortless is the travel of light

There in the absolute darkness, lives the transforming knight

Where the pitch-black hole, devours from the soul, every ounce of light

You are a different person every time.

What you write depends on your state of mind. Have you noticed a change in your writing pattern every time you take a break? Not just your thoughts, but the writing style equally wavers.

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It’s been a while since I have been working on a story. It has consumed more than a week now. Of course, this piece of writing is massive in words and context. But a week spent with paper and pen for a few hours per day has reflected in me, a few noteworthy points about writing.

I noticed that a significant portion of my time was…

Apparently, humanin makes it look that way.

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Health and Longevity reside in the mainstream of research worldwide. The secrets to a longer life and a healthy body is anticipated and researched with miraculous hope. Every discovery has drawn a newer baseline. Researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) came up with yet another secret to better health and longer life in their recent research.

What was the research about and how promising were the results? The research article published in the journal Aging, 2020 has something to reveal.

What is Humanin (HN)?

A short mitochondrial peptide was discovered over a decade ago. Since the discovery, its association with biological functions…

Some of the things are beyond our self-control

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Fear is not just a feeling. It’s the mental stigma of possible mishappenings. We all deal with them at times. Instinctual fear protects us from dangerous situations. For eg. the fear of death. The other is the constructed fear that confines us to our boundaries, such as the anxiety of an interview, nervousness during the presentations, and so on.

It is said that experiences diminish existing fears. For instance, an average person freezes when he confronts a tiger, but a hunter doesn’t; because in his experience — it’s just a day-to-day challenge.

However, that’s not true.

The hunter is equally…

Ben Guragain

Writer, Explainer and Learner for life’s little secrets. Interested in Science, Academically a Biotechnologist and Self-Aspired researcher | benuprag@gmail.com

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