In The End, It Matters How You Live

Our life is full of actions until the moment of silence arrives. When all the action of life depletes, the eternal fire slows and eventually turns out stopping all these activities. The life of a human is a lie halfway, where a child gets deceived by his mother that her every birthday is worth celebrating, and his birthday is equally special. Time counts on us each morning we count the bizarre stars in the sky assuming one of it to be our own loved one. At most, we can fool our alarm clock only once and that is the day we don’t wake up at all.

Our life is not just weird because we forget almost everything in the interval between life and death. But it fills this interval of time with endless desires, greed, hope, enmity, and selfishness. Goodness also rules the lives, but it’s human nature to perceive more negative vibes. We drop ourselves in relationships, lift some hearts and ditch some people. The activities are unpredictable. People call this the race of life. It is what time looks at and laughs from the high cliff for our foolishness. Only it has the patience to wait till the end, till the event which better pronounced as the race for death. We are all racing, and it is inevitable. The attraction, love, beauty, property and richness, desires, greed, and illusions come at the event like flashes when everyone is mourning. It is time alone that celebrates the death party.

But in the light beneath the sun, a human being attempts to fulfill a thousand desires. You eventually end up doing what you hate the most, eat what you dislike just for health, lie when you know the truth, cheat even if that’s wrong, and celebrates when you are not happy at all. We act and cheat with our own lives, to give others what they need. And most of our lives have nothing but regrets hidden beneath his emotional cloud. The sentence that “life gives everyone an equal chance to stand high” looks like a big lie. And there comes death, which is a painful truth. A person is already dissatisfied with life when he has not thought about counting the days left to live. Then it’s obvious that there is more agony when the countdown lit up. Thanks to the mental capacity, that avoids this feeling in us. Thanks to all those hopes that keeps me pushing that another day will surely arrive to live a better moment.

Most people convince themselves what they perceive about the world is right and prefer to live with it. Among them, a bunch of men live for themselves and fill the empty pouches of their stomach with a deliberate hunger for richness. These men are utterly dissatisfied having little. Their greed intensifies the more they gain. You must have come across some persons who deliberately need money, even though they already have enough to sell themselves to heaven. They can push any limits for earning more, be it legal, moral or ethical. These men don’t sound very pleasing to stand close, but I cannot deny their influence in our lives. They are an important part of our society. But again, men can also fill their stomach with a little food. They perceived life differently and having a lot of gold doesn’t bother them, but happy life does. He tries to balance life with all resources and enjoys sharing the gustiness of life with the loved ones. This man is much better. It might take a little sweat and blood to fill the depending bellies of his family and fulfilling his dreams might sound distant, but he has shared and devoted some of his life for someone. What is the meaning of life after all? To live and to give. This man doesn’t have enough to give now but has enough to live. For example myself.

A simple word in Sanskrit is “Moksha” stands for the state of nirvana. The imagined state of life when a person satiates with earthly desires and is neither happy nor sad of his existence. At this stage, a human is devoid of greed and any pleasures, be it money, sex or food. The one who attains it attains the ultimate spiritual peace. A person now becomes free of greed, aggression, depression, and prejudice. They say sometimes that the state of nirvana is unattainable and mere fiction.

Giving away everything in life, including desires is not a good idea. It is not desired, but human beings who might have reached this stage in life exist but are very, very rare. If you don’t need anything for your own, then you have a lot to give to everybody. If you are free of greed, you can lose yourself for good. This birth of selflessness inside a human has an essence of “moksha”, and this man can do something for everyone; can stand at the peak of novelty and his contribution to society and humanity is pure, devoid of any hidden selfish motives. Those are the greatest forms of life and there are the great men out there in the world, restless perhaps exploring their godly minds in the interest of the entire world. Those are the men who can be heartily saluted. Tears roll down the cheeks of millions for the selfless saints of the world.

The social and religious systems are so cruel that dogma is set for the way to mourn during the demise of our guardian angels. The lifeless body has only a single aim, and it is to reunite with the elements of the earth. But the route of cremation is vague and diverse — sometimes fire takes the body, while at others the earth swallows us. Either way, the end is painful. At almost every such an event, a mass of people helps the dead settle down to their deathbed with little flowers and tears. A few words of praise echoes in the muted silence, and everyone is ready to turn back as soon as it’s over.
Even bitter reality is that within a day or a week, your disappearance doesn’t matter to anyone. They forget you. Forever?

But no, not every human being is forgotten. We remember some, salute and even worship. We already talked about three men earlier.

The Greedy

Not until this moment will a greedy man know that money cannot buy immortality. Neither a grievance nor memories. These men spent their whole lives upsurging their balances and creating ridiculous standards for their clothes and shoes. The $50k watch they wore could not save them more time. Neither could their extravagant dress-up to keep them in memories. Time makes their existence a joke not even worthy to laugh at.

These men already have ugly pictures and are forgotten in a day. They already lived their life for themselves. What miserably have they failed in their lives is to understand that “I” is an utterly selfish word. What use is money if it’s only capable to buy an expensive coffin!

The Balanced

The broadest number of us live with necessities of life, and curl around family, relatives, friends, and acquaintances the part of our lives. We know how to sustain life and are head on to bear every trouble that arises. Love and happiness is everything to us.

These balanced men are the men living with a choice for doing the best possible. They choose what and who is vital in their lives and prioritize things and events based on intuition. It doesn’t mean they are devoid of greed but have a way to express and an instinct to sacrifice for peace, love, and harmony.

The society benefits little from the balanced man but he fits in. A warm tribute is awarded socially to this man. Not just family, this human creates his memories in society and is remembered somehow.

The Giver

What’s eternal? We forget the memories. What’s remembered? History. Not every human being can come up with substantial influence in a short lifespan, but a selfless man. The one who is born for a purpose never sees lightly the purpose of his birth. He lives up, grows and gives. Even at the end of time, the flame cannot consume his whole existence and the great human lives for eternity.

Now, these are the best men. And we can’t bear losing one. They don’t just become the stars but enlighten a million lives with their gifts. They are the ultimate givers of energy to the void of the societies, and we cherish their presence as history, even after their death. On everyone’s hearts, these selfless contributors live as inspirations and will continue to be… till the end of time.

Now it’s up to you what you do with your life…

Writer, Explainer and Learner for life’s little secrets. Interested in Science, Academically a Biotechnologist and Self-Aspired researcher |

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