Thank you Mr. Devashish Tarra.

Well, first let me clarify you that I have not anywhere claimed that steam therapy is effective against COVID-19. Well, and I don't find this writing misleading with any information of COVID-19. It's always your choice.

I have previously read the article you shared, and it doesn't otherwise prove that inhalation of steam is ineffective, but only explains its dangers and recommends not to prioritize it in treatment of COVID-19 patients.

I have gone through tremendous articles, and haven't yet found a convincing article that elucidates with proof that steam therapy fails to treat any sort of respiratory diseases, so please share if you have one.

At last I appreciate your comment bomb, but it's also a fact that we are always free to express our opinions, and knowledge based on experiences. Well, I have been a COVID-19 patient, and steam therapy has been effective to me. Every person has a different body, and every research can have flaws.

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