The 5 things DNA tells about love?

Biologists understand it better

DNA is the fundamental hereditary unit of living organisms and is the one that carries the code of life.

The code of love is within this code of life, but not everyone knows it. There is quite a hell of things DNA tells us about love and relationships.

Tom and Jerry

Just like the DNA strands, a couple must be able to complement each other. Not just by words, but should also complement each other's needs. Two persons with thoughts to fulfill the gaps in each other's life makes them complete. Filling vacant spaces in life make strong bond pairs.

2. Triple Bond

The bond between G and C is more stable. Because it is paired with three bonds. These three bonds or pillars are love, respect and mutual trust.

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But the case is different with A where only two bonds are formed with T, which implies one of the pillars of love is absent, and it is why Thymine easily gets replaced by Uracil (U). It is the logic, if you are not trustworthy, “U” can be replaced.

3. Antiparallel-ism

Parallel movers or competitors can co-exist, but cannot have stability in love. For a strong bond, you must be supportive, responsible and looking at both ends. Love is not competitive, its cooperation. In relationships filling in any gaps with mutual cooperation makes it more fulfilling.

4. Conflicts = Mutations

Mutations in DNA are accidental and unfortunate, so are conflict and mishaps in relationships. Conflicts make you lose a good base of understanding and brings disbalance in the DNA and hence in relationships. A bad protein starts to form with ill intention, which makes the relation diseased. As a result, DNA/love breaks.

5. Sugary DNA

Photo by mohsen ameri on Unsplash

You have to have a sugary touch to form a bond. Sugar is sweetness and supports the base of the DNA and the bond remains intact. Adding together with Sugar and the base, a fuss-fate must connect the ideal pair to come close to each other to form the bond.

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